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Self-help or empowerment, involvement or participation: All four are not only central concepts of health promotion, but also of the self-help movement. Like other countries, Austria has seen enormous strides being made in this area in recent years. Today there are more than a thousand active self-help organizations in this country. Fonds Gesundes Österreich is the logical base for SIGIS, a long-standing nation-wide project to support health initiatives and self-help organizations throughout Austria.

We offer the following services in connection with SIGIS:

  • We run an Austria-wide database on self-help groups and organizations and update it constantly. In this database, you will find the entire Austrian self-help scene. Information can be called up by province or by subject.
  • We operate the SIGIS phone service which provides information for individuals interested in the organization’s services or in the way self-help groups function.
  • We publish brochures on various subjects relating to self-help – directories, tips and analyses. You can order these publications here.
  • We support regional self-help support organizations, especially with courses and seminars.
  • We cooperate with ArGe Selbsthilfe, an alliance of regional self-help associations and contact points. This entity bundles the concerns and interests of the many organizations involved and seeks to represent them in pertinent national bodies.

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