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Health Promotion as an Austrian Strategy, FGÖ Conference on 4 June 2007

Health is the product of a variety of influences interacting with each other. Health promotion likewise depends on a number of social and political decisions.

Leading a healthy life, for example, is made possible not only by health-care and social policies, but in large part also by employment, infrastructure, farming or security.

The 9th Austrian Health Promotion Conference will draw on successful examples from Austria and abroad to show the great potential that health promotion has in a number of policy areas. The conference will also focus on successful initiatives involving joint health goals and on the responsibility everyone has to implement and evaluate them.

We warmly invite you to enter into this discourse with us on health promotion as an Austrian strategy and look forward to your involvement.

Set aside 4 June 2007 as a day of health promotion in Salzburg. We will send the program and registration forms about two months prior to the conference.

9th FGÖ Prevention Conference

Title: Health Promotion as an Austrian Strategy

Date:  4 June 2007

Venue: Renaissance Hotel Salzburg


01 9345250

01 9345250-29

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