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Rita Kichler

Rita Kichler Rita Kichler
Mag., Health Specialist, Nutrition and Lifestyle
Telefon +43 1 8950400 -13

Rita Kichler, a nutritionist by training, has worked at FGÖ since 1998. On graduating from university, she gathered practical experience teaching at schools, in adult education and in nutrition and food projects. At FGÖ, she is mainly involved in professionally evaluating project applications and taking care of projects on nutrition and lifestyle, in nutrition as a priority topic of FGÖ, in taking care of the consulting network, preparing prevention conferences and working on campaigns.

"One of our priority topics is nutrition. Through our support of a number of interesting projects and our own campaigns on this subject, we try to make it easier for Austrians to take the right decisions about eating and for certain target groups to change their eating habits."

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