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Christiane Körner

Christiane Körner Christiane Körner
Mag. Dr., respresenting the Austrian Chamber of Pharmacists as president of that organization. Second Deputy Chairwoman

Christiane Körner, vice president of the Chamber of Pharmacists, completed her studies in pharmacology in 1976 and received her doctorate at the Institute for Pharmacognosy in 1978. The mother of two sons and wife of a veterinarian has worked in various pharmacies since 1979 as a pharmacist. She has been active politically in her field, as well, serving for many years in the Styrian Chamber of Pharmacists. Since 1999 she has been vice president of FORUMpharmazie, the association representing employed pharmacists in Austria. Mag. Dr. Körner has also been the vice president of the Austrian Chamber of Pharmacists since April 1999, a post to which she was reelected in 2002. She has been an active member of the FGÖ Board since June 2001 and second deputy chairman of this board since September 2004.

"Health is a precious asset. We must launch more initiatives to help people remain healthy. They should not wait until they are already sick before they take action. As a pharmacist, I think advice and information are especially important. I am dedicated to helping our population remain healthy and active as long as possible. I am therefore very pleased to be a part of FGÖ. This organization has put countless health promotion ideas and plans to practice for young and old. It is the ideal platform for projects on health promotion and prevention."

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