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Lindi Kálnoky

Lindi Kálnoky Lindi Kálnoky
Dr., President of Styria Vitalis, representing the Austrian Federal Ministry of Health, Family and Youth

Besides having a doctorate in biology, Lindi Kálnoky studied physiological chemistry and wrote a dissertation in pharmacology. In 1975 she began building up the Steirische Gesellschaft für Gesundheitsschutz and has been the managing director of this organization for health protection in Styria since 1997. From 1981 to 1991, Lindi Kálnoky, the mother of six daughters, was politically active as a member of the Bundesrat (the upper house of the Austrian parliament), a delegate to the provincial parliament and the vice-president of the provincial parliament. In 1988 she joined with then Minister of Health Franz Löschnak to launch Fonds Gesundes Österreich. The doyenne of Austrian health promotion has been a member of the FGÖ Board since that organization was restructured and expanded in 1998. In Styria she has helped to anchor lasting structures like the "Healthy Communities" program in the health care landscape.

"I enjoy working with FGÖ because it strives to achieve a new and differentiated understanding of the factors that burden human health and the factors that bring relief to it in various life settings."

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