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Lothar Fiedler

Lothar Fiedler Lothar Fiedler
President Dr., representing the Austrian Chamber of Physicians

After receiving his doctorate in Vienna in 1972, Dr. Fiedler began his pre-registration medical training (Turnus) and residency in internal medicine at St. Pölten Hospital, which he completed in 1980. He has had a practice as an internist in St. Pölten since 1981.
Dr. Fiedler became involved in the political side of the medical field back in 1974 as a physician representative at the hospital.  He has been a member of the plenary assembly of the Austrian Chamber of Physicians since 1986 and of that organization’s executive board since 1988. He was chairman of the specialist group for internal medicine in Lower Austria from 1988 to 2001 and chairman of the medical specialist section from 1994 to 1999. Dr. Fiedler has been president of the Lower Austrian Chamber of Physicians since December 2001. In the Austrian Chamber of Physicians, he was the chairman of the federal section for medical specialists for two years and has been a finance specialist of that chamber since last year. It is this latter organization that he represents on the FGÖ Board.

"I am glad to be active in the FGÖ as a representative of the Austrian Chamber of Physicians. Health is our greatest asset and a preventive approach to health care is becoming increasingly important in our society."

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