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National Action Plan for Child Safety

Accidents are the most common cause of death among children. One child dies each week in Austria as the result of an accident. That is why the Federal Ministry for Health and Women, the "Big People Protecting Little People" Committee for Accident Prevention in Childhood, and the Institut Sicher Leben have decided to join forces and undertake appropriate action. With backing from the European Commission and in collaboration with the European Child Safety Alliance, a project called "Child Safety Action Plans" is now underway in 18 European countries. The goal is to carry out the strategic planning for national action plans and to implement  them. "Accidents have causes and that means they can be prevented by eliminating potential hazards," notes University Professor Dr. Michael Höllwarth, head of the University Clinic for Children’s Surgery in Graz and President of the above committee. Austria now ranks 9th in the instances of child mortality as a result of accidents. Federal Minister Maria Rauch-Kallat would like to see her country advance to at least third place in these rankings.

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