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The elderly and youths come together within a funded project.

Promoting health in concrete terms is a central task of Fonds Gesundes Österreich. Thus far, more than € 25 million has gone into supporting 542 projects (approved/recommended up to now). Check out our project database and see for yourself the variety and quality of these initiatives.

We support and fund the following in the fields of health promotion and primary prevention:

  • Practical projects and scientific projects based on a holistic concept of health,
  • Development of structures,
  • As well as networking and continuing education.

In these efforts, we rely on high-quality and varied projects and programs to reach the maximum number of people having a wide range of needs.

Basically speaking, our support goes only to projects involving total funding of more than €10,000. We are open to acting as co-funder of practical projects, in which case we generally provide one-third to at most two-thirds of the verified total costs. Model projects constitute the only exception to this rule: In areas of health promotion and primary prevention heretofore underrepresented in projects, we can award model projects following a tender procedure. The latter are fully financed by us.

Please be informed that all other pages of the section "Project Funding" are available in German only. In addition please be aware that projects within Austria are eligible only for funding by the Fonds Gesundes Österreich.

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