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'Improving Health in European Urban Areas: The Role of Urban Health Indicators' Conference

Beginn 10.06.2009 12:00
Ende 11.06.2009 18:00
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Currently, more than half of the world’s population lives in cities, as a result the health needs of urban dwellers, and the ability to monitor urban health have become a high priority. As you may be aware, the EURO-URHIS Project was established to develop a system of urban health indicators and has been co-funded by the European Commission, through the EU Public Health Programme work plan 2005.

This Final Conference provides an excellent opportunity to draw together a range of urban health stakeholders from across Europe, to discuss the conclusions of the EURO URHIS project and future key actions on the issue of urban health.

The conference will take place on Tuesday 10th (PM) and Wednesday 11th (all day) June 2008 in the Committee of the Regions, 99-101 Rue Belliard, Brussels, Belgium.

Overall, the aim of the conference is:

To present a system of urban health indicators to local, regional, national and international policy makers and users of urban health data.
To increase awareness of the need for urban health indicators
To obtain feedback, suggestions and revisions of the EURO URHIS indicators
To develop a plan for the implementation of an urban health indicator system
To advocate inclusion of urban health in all policies
Approximately 120 people will be attending the ‘Improving Health in European Urban Areas: The Role of Urban Health Indicators’ conference on 10/11 June. This presents the ideal opportunity for interested organisations and participants to showcase their local, regional and national projects in the Urban Research exhibition space in the Committee of the Regions Atrium, during the conference. There is no cost involved in exhibiting at the conference and the exhibition is free to attend. Display tables and poster boards can be provided by the organisers. Please contact us if you wish to exhibit at the conference or for more information on this opportunity.

The conference has now taken place so registration is not possible.

The conference organisers recommend the following hotels for your stay in Brussels:

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